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Wed - Thu 10:00 - 16:00
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Van Brederodekazerne, Lunettenlaan 102
5263 NT Vught
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088 - 95 69 609

Het Geniemuseum in Vught
The Geniemuseum in Vught
De buitenplaats van het museum
The museum's outdoor courtyard

Discover more about military engineering at the Geniemuseum. The exhibits include uniforms, photos, scale models, bridges, bunkers, vehicles and equipment at the Geniepark.

The Geniemuseum is perfect for anyone interested in the history of military engineering and the Netherlands Armed Forces. Discover the illustrious history of military engineering (Regiment Genietroepen) in the Netherlands.


Discover the multifaceted history of military engineering through historic uniforms, pictures from peacekeeping operations, scale models and equipment. Accessible to interested visitors, yet relatable to military engineers. Cross the narrow Bailey bridge to the outdoor exhibition in the Geniepark. The park is home to the larger pieces of the collection, such as bridges, bunkers, vehicles, watercraft and pontoons.

For children, the museum offers both an indoor and an outdoor scavenger hunt.


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