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Het Geert Groote Huis in Deventer
The Geert Groote Huis in Deventer
expositieruimte in de historische kelder
Exhibition in the historic cellar
Het verhaal van Geert Groote
The story of Geert Groote in our upper room

Geert Groote was the most important citizen of Deventer and the founder of the Modern Devotion movement. Museum Geert Grote Huis will take you on a journey to the time of the Brethren and Sisters of the Common Life.

Who was Geert Groote?

Geert Groote (1340-1384) was the most important citizen of Deventer in history. His Modern Devotion movement advocated a simple, honest life and a personal experience of Christian faith.

The house

The Museum Geert Grote Huis is built on the foundations of the first chapel of the Brethren of the Common Life. The museum tells the story of this Deventer preacher. How did he arrive at his understanding, why did he criticize the church, and are the issues he raised still topical? Come visit our museum and discover the answers for yourself!


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