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Het Fries Verzetsmuseum is te vinden in het Fries Museum
The Fries Verzetsmuseum is part of the Fries Museum
Een legermotor
A military motorbike
Schoenen van de Waanzin
Shoes of Madness
Een foto van Joodse kinderen
Personal stories bring war close to home

Listen to war stories at the Fries Verzetsmuseum. Touching and confrontational stories that make you think.

War up close

Experience the impact World War II had on Friesland. In this museum, you will get to know the people that lived in Friesland in the early 1940s. Frisians and non-Frisians alike share their experiences of the war from the vantage point of the countryside of Friesland. They faced resistance and persecution but, luckily, did not have to deal with famine (Dutch famine of 1944–1945). However, Friesland saw many refugees that had traveled a long way to find milk and food.

Resisting the occupation

The museum focuses on topics such as the air war over Friesland, the resistance movement and hiding from the Germans. The history of the spectacular raid on the jail in Leeuwarden by the Frisian resistance plays a key role in the exhibition.


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