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Stadhouderslaan 43
2517 HV Den Haag
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070 - 33 81 144

De buitenkant van het Fotomuseum Den Haag
The Hague Museum of Photography
Foto uit de collectie Generation Wealth van Lauren Greenfield
Photograph from the "Generation Wealth" exhibition by Lauren Greenfield

The Hague Museum of Photography aims to be a place where people can find the space and tranquility to discover photography and focus on art, themselves, their environment and the world.

We see a fantastic stream of images pass by each day. Images that many people regard as truth. But the idea that photography equates to truth is a misnomer. Photography is an art form. You can discover the layers, meaning and context of photography at The Hague Museum of Photography. Come and focus your attention, on art, yourself, your environment and the world.

Six exhibitions per year

The Hague Museum of Photography organizes around six exhibitions per year on a broad range of periods, disciplines and genres of photographic history.

A broad approach for a wide audience

Given this broad approach – national and international, traditional and contemporary, monochrome and color, applied and autonomous – the museum has attracted a wide audience that likes to be surprised by the varied and high-quality exhibition program.


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