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Keizersgracht 609
1017 DS Amsterdam
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+31 20 - 55 16 500

De binnenkant van FOAM Amsterdam
An average of 20 large- and small-scale exhibitions are held every year
De tuin van Foam, een klassieke grachtentuin, is een ontwerp van Mien Ruys en Els Proost.
The canalside garden and rear façade of the Foam Photography Museum

Foam Photography Museum is an inspiring and accessible museum in the heart of Amsterdam. Photography is here in all its forms, from artistic photographs to photojournalism.


Foam is all about photography. The museum on the Keizersgracht holds around 20 exhibitions per year. Every form of photography finds its place here: historical, contemporary and portrait photography. Photographs by young, contemporary artists are exhibited alongside iconic images by world-famous photographers. Foam pays special attention to the current themes within the world of photography as well as up-and-coming talent. The museum comprises 3 different buildings linked by staircases and passageways.


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