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Plein 48
4001 LJ Tiel
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0344 - 61 44 16

Het Flipje en Streekmuseum in Tiel
The Flipje and Streekmuseum in Tiel
Het frambozenmannetje
Greetings from Flipje

Flipje- en Streekmuseum Tiel is a modern museum that presents a nostalgic look back at the history of Tiel. The museum celebrates raspberry-shaped comic book character Flipje as he teaches you about regional history and archaeology.

The jolly raspberry boy named Flipje is well-known in the Netherlands as the mascot of a popular brand of jam. Since his first appearance in 1935, he has become a symbol of the town of Tiel. This museum tells Flipje’s story. Flipje- en Streekmuseum Tiel, FEST for short, is a modern museum on the history of Tiel and Flipje.

The collection focuses mainly on food and food production. A considerable part of this focus is, naturally, on jam. The museum’s large collection covers the jam industry and well-known comic book character Flipje. The other four floors of the museum offer exhibits on archaeology, painting, silverware, porcelain and regional history, as well two temporary exhibitions each year.


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