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Zuiderspui 1
1602 GH Enkhuizen
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0228 - 31 85 83

Het Flessenscheepjes Museum in Enkhuizen
The Flessenscheepjesmuseum in Enkhuizen
Een flessenscheepje uit de collectie van het museum
A bottle ship made by Arij van Waart

The Flessenscheepjes Museum in Enkhuizen has more than one thousand ships-in-a-bottle from various periods and parts of the world.

Hundreds of bottles, large and small

Everybody has seen a ship in a bottle somewhere. Perhaps you even have one in your home, or maybe even two? But the largest collection in the world can be found at the Flessenscheepjes Museum in Enkhuizen. The historic 16th-century sluice house has more than one thousand such bottles, of every possible shape and size and from every part of the world. They were made in a variety of periods, for example, the Dutch East India Company (VOC) period. Marvel at the magic of a ship in a bottle and discover how it was piloted into its home port. View the permanent video presentation to discover all about the ship in a bottle phenomenon.

The sluice house

The Flessenscheepjes Museum is an institution that receives no government funding, and is located in the Spuihuisje, the 16th-century sluice house in Enkhuizen. The sluice house was built on the sluice gate of the Westfriesche Omringdijk, the West Friesland ring dike, after the first inland harbor was dug in Enkhuizen in the 14th century.


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