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Dordrechts Museum van buiten
The entrance of the Dordrechts Museum with its impressive ’front garden’
Een bezoeker bekijkt een schilderij uit het Dordrechts Museum
Stand face-to-face with Dutch masters.
Een rondleiding in het Dordrechts Museum
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Een schilderij uit het thema 'Dromen van Dordrecht, de stad door de eeuwen heen'
Dordrecht, the city by the waterside, was popular with 17th-century cityscape painters

It started in 1842 with just one painting, but the Dordrechts Museum now has an internationally renowned collection. It takes in 400 years of Dutch painting: from the 16th century to the present day. 

Among other things, the Dordrechts Museum is the place for fans of Ary Scheffer, one of the greatest painters of Dordrecht. The Dordrechts Museum has the largest Scheffer collection in the world. The collection is very varied, including as it does historic, modern and contemporary art. You can also find other painters from Dordrecht such as Aelbert Cuyp and Ferdinand Bol. The collection’s more contemporary masters include Jan Toorop, Pyke Koch, Karel Appel and Armando.


The Dordrechts Museum organizes activities for visitors of all ages. The tour program, workshops and master classes are tailor-made to current exhibitions.


The Dordrechts Museum considers it important that everyone realizes that art is also for them. For people suffering from dementia and their loved ones, we have a monthly Amazement Tour at the museum. With the Art and Coffee project, we are moving into areas of Dordrecht and its surroundings, with an active art workshop on Vincent van Gogh.


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