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De Mortel 4
5211 HV Den Bosch
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073 - 62 73 680

Uitzicht vanuit Design Museum Den Bosch
Interior of the Design Museum Den Bosch
Een kijkje bij de tentoonstelling: Modern Nederland - Het ontwerp
The Modern Netherlands exhibition – The design

Design Museum Den Bosch looks beyond design itself. It shows the influence of design on our daily lives and tells the story behind it.

The Design Museum Den Bosch organizes 8 to 10 exhibitions per year in its three exhibition halls.

The museum is interested in cultural debate on design and the role it plays in society. Lectures, workshops and movie screenings are therefore always organized in conjunction with the exhibitions. The ceramics and jewelry collections were also added to in retrospect. Design Museum Den Bosch added the post-human collection area in 2017.


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