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Wilhelminapark 1
5041 EA Tilburg
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013 - 54 38 300

De Pont museum voor Hedendaagse Kunst van buitenaf
De Pont Museum for Contemporary Art from the outside
Drie mensen bewonderen kunst in het De Pont museum voor Hedendaagse Kunst
Contemporary art at the De Pont Museum
Vijf kunstwerken aan de muur in het De Pont museum
De Pont Museum of Contemporary Art interior

De Pont is a museum of contemporary art, located in a former woolen mill in Tilburg. The private collection now includes more than 800 works by around 75 artists.

De Pont is an independent museum of contemporary art, located in a former woolen mill. Benthem Crouwel Architects transformed the industrial building with its characteristic saw-tooth roof into a separate exhibition space with loads of natural light. The building features both large open spaces and smaller spaces in what used to be storage rooms. The museum opened its doors in 1992, and a new wing for photo and video presentations was added in 2016. The new wing connects to a spacious cafe and a wonderful garden. The varying exhibition program offers an interesting mixture of paintings, sculptures, installations, performances, films and photos. The program follows the development of artists over a longer period of time. In the WOOL project room, work by promising artists, new assets and special projects are exhibited. These projects make sure De Pont’s program keeps in step with the times.

The museum is named after Tilburg attorney and businessman Jan de Pont (1915-1987). De Pont left part of his estate to stimulate contemporary visual art.


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