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Tue - Wed 11:00 - 17:00
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Vondelstraat 140
1054 GT Amsterdam
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020 - 61 80 942

Levend Paardenmuseum Hollandsche Manege
Levend Paardenmuseum Hollandsche Manege
De binnenkant van de manege
De binnenkant van de manege

De Hollandsche Manege in Amsterdam is the oldest urban riding school in The Netherlands. It brings to life the history of horse riding, from riding school to dressage (and, of course, all the appropriate riding outfits).

Experience history

Travel back in time at the Levend Paardenmuseum (Living Horse Museum) in De Hollandsche Manege, in the historic setting of the oldest riding school of the Netherlands. The world of horse riding comes to life. Come see classic horse-riding art and outfits at the carousel demonstrations.


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