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6511 XJ Nijmegen
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024 - 32 97 070

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De buitenkant van de Bastei in Nijmegen
De Bastei, Nijmegen
Tentoongestelde objecten omringd door stenen muren
De Bastei is housed in a 16th-century bastion

De Bastei tells the story of life in, around and on the river. Visit the oldest city in the Netherlands to experience the past, discover the fascinating flora and fauna in Gelderland (the Rhine-Meuse Delta) and set to work at this fortification on the river Waal. A place for researchers young and old alike to learn and have fun.

Discover the secrets of De Bastei

At De Bastei, find out all about the relationship between people and rivers over time. Discover how Nijmegen was shaped by its strategic position on the river Waal. Learn about 2000 years of building along the river. Visit underground corridors where the ruins of Roman walls, medieval city castles and the 16th-century fortification (Bastei) itself tell the story of people living there in the past.

Travel further back in time and come face to face with one of our highlights: a mammoth skull found at Bergharen. You can also see the current flora and fauna of Nijmegen and the Gelderse Poort nature reserve. As you’ll see, there’s a lot more life in and around the city than you might think!


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