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Prinsengracht 488
1017 KH Amsterdam
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020 - 42 11 779

Entree van het Amsterdam Pipe Museum
Access sign at the entrance
Een pijp uit het Amsterdam Pipe Museum
Pipe with female figure
Een vredespijp uit het Amsterdam Pipe Museum
A peace pipe from the Amsterdam Pipe Museum

Come see the world’s oldest known tobacco pipe, a ceremonial royal pipe from Cameroon and many examples of the “common man’s” pipe. At the Amsterdam Pipe Museum, discover the story of pipe smoking culture on five continents, from long ago until present times.

The Amsterdam Pipe Museum curates a collection that is unique to both the Netherlands and Europe. The museum presents an overview of smoking culture on five continents from 500 BCE to the present. To view the collection online: click this link.

African Chief pipe

The collection, which was started through a private initiative some 50 years ago, showcases pipes from all over the world: from Mexico to Japan and from Lapland to South Africa. Admire the earliest known pipe in the world, unearthed in Ecuador and which was made 2,500 years ago. Marvel at the design of European pipes and the unique art form their carving represents. A ceremonial royal pipe from Cameroon, adorned with 27,500 colored glass beads, is one of the museum’s highlights. In the museum you will also find many examples of stummel pipes of the “common man”. A visit to the museum is a world tour of pipe-smoking culture from all eras of history.


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