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Nieuwendijk 11
4381 BV Vlissingen
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0118 - 41 24 98

Zeeuws Maritiem MuZEEum
Zeeland Maritime MuSEAum, Vlissingen
Tentoonstellingszaal met vitrines en objecten
Get to know people personally connected with the sea
Drie kinderen met ouders lopend door het museum
MuSEAum is a kid-approved museum with something for everyone
Een vrouw bekijkt van dichtbij een schilderij
Admire maritime paintings at the museum

Listen to great stories in the Zeeland Maritime MuSEAum. Stories about heroes, victory and setbacks. About treasure and discoveries. Get to know the people whose lives are connected with the sea.

Treasure on the Ocean Floor

At the muSEAum, you can find underwater archaeology treasures taken from ships from the 17th century to the present day. Gold and silver coins, plates, cutlery, cups and bottles (with wine still in them!). Studying the treasure has taught us more about what life was like for the sailors. Step on board at the muSEAum. And don't forget to visit the 17th- century turret: it offers a fabulous view of the sea and the city.


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