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Museum Volkenkunde in Leiden
Museum Volkenkunde, Leiden
Topstukken uit het museum
Objects that all tell a human story

Museum Volkenkunde is one of the oldest ethnology museums in the world, at the center of current events. The museum whets our curiosity about the huge cultural diversity that enriches the world.

Museum Volkenkunde is a museum of people, housed in a listed building on the city’s former moat. Visitors can access the museum via the garden, where a tall totem pole welcomes them.


The museum regularly presents changing exhibitions and displays objects from eight cultural areas in the permanent exhibition. These objects all tell a human story. Stories on universal human themes such as mourning, celebrations, decorations, prayer and fighting. These stories spark curiosity for the world and its enormous cultural diversity. From Oceania to the Arctic, from Geisha to Buddha and from Mecca to Leiden. At Museum Volkenkunde, discover how we are all members of the same human race, despite our differences.


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