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Kelfkensbos 59
6511 TB Nijmegen
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024 - 36 08 805

Museum Het Valkhof in Nijmegen
Valkhof Museum, Nijmegen
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The aim of the Valkhof Museum is to disseminate knowledge on history, heritage and art. The collection consists of archaeological artifacts and historic and modern art. Archaeological finds offer information on human life in the area.

Valkhof Museum was formed by the merger of two Nijmegen museums. The collection is therefore varied: archaeology and medieval to modern art. Geared towards a wide audience.

Archaeological finds

The archaeology collection from Nijmegen and Gelderland province includes finds from as far back as the Stone Age. These offer information on human life in the area.

Medieval and modern art

The collection of historic arts and crafts focuses on Nijmegen, from the Middle Ages to the 20th century. The collection of modern art consists mainly of work by Dutch artists.


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