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Stadhuisplein 22
2711 EC Zoetermeer
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079 - 31 64 735

De buitenkant van Museum De Voorde in Zoetermeer
Museum De Voorde in Zoetermeer
Entree Museum De Voorde

Museum De Voorde is closed.

Museum De Voorde is all about the differences and similarities between people. Centering on the permanent collection Popular Design, the museum highlights how we are more alike than we may think.

You are surrounded by all sorts of people. Your neighbor might listen to rap music, her husband to classical. The people at the end of the row holiday at a nudist beach; one block down they go to Morocco. It’s remarkable that everyone around you is so varied. Have you ever wondered why? And how to deal with our differences?

Through activities related to current themes and exhibitions, the museum highlights how we are more alike than we think. And that it’s ok to be yourself. The Popular Design Collection from the 1950s to the present forms the basis for the exhibitions. Discover the exhibit item backstories and discuss what you learn with family, friends and colleagues. Museum De Voorde is all about people: you and me, here and now.


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