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Micropia gelegen naast Artis in hartje Amsterdam
Virussen, microben en gezondheid van de geest
De Fungal Wall door Lizan Freijsen in Micropia
De Fungal Wall in Micropia, door Lizan Freijsen
Leer in het museum over microben in bier
Ook in bier leven microben
Een uitsnede van de wand met 150 petrischalen met verschillende micro-organismen

Micropia showcases the most powerful, successful and smallest life form on earth: microorganisms. Every human being is carrying around 1.5 kilograms of them, in and on their bodies. See yourself and the world from a different perspective after visiting Micropia.

Is there life up your nose? What is a fungus, exactly? And what’s living inside your digestive tract?

Microorganisms are everywhere and are crucial to life on planet Earth. You can watch living microbes eat, move and reproduce with 3D-viewers specially developed for Micropia. Find your way in the habitat of extremophiles – Microbes that manage to survive in extreme environments. Learn more about your microorganisms using the body scan.

Just as last year, measures have been put in place to make your visit to Micropia as safe as possible. Visitors are required to pre-order their tickets and indicate their arrival time on the website. To avoid crowding, the number of guests allowed in the museum at one time is limited.

Suitable for ages eight and older


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