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Jochen Lempert – Natural sources

Until 4 December from 10:00 to 18:00


Solo exhibition of work by the German photographer Jochen Lempert (1958, Moers, Germany). His poetic black and white photos, inspired by his scientific background in biology, show the natural world at its most diverse.

During his training as a biologist and dragonfly specialist, Jochen Lempert (1958, Moers, Germany) obtained extensive knowledge of the natural world. His scientific background underlies the way he documents his observations of the many manifestations of flora and fauna. With a poetic approach to his subject, Lempert invites the viewer to look at nature in a more empathic manner.

Natural sources

The exhibition’s title, Natural sources, partly refers to the natural resources which people seem to take for granted, as seen in the gradual depletion of non-renewable resources such as fossil fuels or the pollution of the oceans with plastic waste. In a much broader sense, Lempert’s show examines the ever changing relationship between humans and nature. The artist researches, collects, and categorises his subjects like a scientist but simultaneously captures images of animals, plants, and micro-organisms from an equal perspective. His work explores the (sometimes troubled) field between nature and culture, and invites the viewer to look for their shared source. With this approach, Lempert allows us to become aware of our predominantly human-centered point of view.

Early and more recente work###

The exhibition Natural sources brings together a number of early series, such as The skins of Alca impennis, with the collection pieces Oiseaux-Vögel (1997–2004) and the recently acquired Ivy shadow and horse (2021), together with more recent works. For each exhibition Lempert selects works and installs them alongside one another without reference to any chronological hierarchy, but based on the context provided by the museum. He selects the photographs with great care, always seeking subtle associations and cross-references between adjacent works.

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Until 4 December from 10:00 to 18:00

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